Helen Maurene Cooper
designs with runts Dips with confetti glitter and crown stilettos with luchadora figure and glitter stiletto with eyes and geometics on yellow icing Stilettos with gems, ponies and ribbon Icing Stilettos with inlay, purple glitter and banana candy  Hello Kitty, Princess and the Frog with icing Square tips with red stripes and sour candy Stilettos in grays with white icing and red candy wheels     Stiletto s with fruit salad inlay on yellow swirls  Stilettos stripes, gems and junk with crown Eye, gems and hellegraphic polish with ribbon and green icing Squares, stripes and crown with glitter on photograph Squares, stripes and drags with glitter and yellow lace Long squares with broken bubble gum and aspen. Stilettos with inlay, white icing and purple ribbon Stilettos, queen bitch and orange icing Black stiletto with confetti glitter, icing and confetti   Dice and pink Stiletto with green inlays on green icing three d with blue icing stripes and lines on orange 3 designs, four peeps and confetti Pinks, dice and zebra Dice, streamers and swirls Designs with blond and magenta Junk nails with jam on Mexican cookie  Junk n' Juice Designs with pony and party favors fluorescent  on orange with sparklesMoney with drags on icingPink Bamboo fluorescent designsStripes and lines with silver ballsThree drags and butterfly with rhinestonesDesigns, dots and zebrassquares, danar and toy soldiers
Hard Candy
Hard Candy is the fruit of an investigation into the geographical, cultural, and socio-political influences on the aesthetics of Chicago nail art. This series of large-scale macro photographs illustrates the details and designs of acrylic hand-painted nails within mountains of confections, piles of glitter, and well-organized girlhood clutter to create novel relationships between material and color.